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Making the Most of Tough Times

Posted At: October 27, 2008 12:22 PM by Brandi King Times are getting tough. The U.S. economy is facing increasing unemployment rates, rising food and energy costs, falling stock prices and the housing market slump. So what does the struggling economy mean for public relations?

The PR Department… A thing of the past?

Currently, the economy is not at its best. This may be the most obvious declaration you have read in quite some time. Our daily activities consist of eating, sleeping, working and being reminded of how the economy is ruining our lives. However, there are underlying

PR in the New Economy

In today’s world it’s getting harder to make ends meet. The economy is on everyone’s mind during this time of banking crises, foreclosures, high gas prices and the ever-declining value of the dollar. In this new economy, people are forced to prioritize and focus on

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