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Business Etiquette

Posted At: December 1, 2008 12:14 PM by Miranda Harbin There are tons of Web sites, books and even blogs on etiquette. However, it seems like with growing technology fewer people are putting these etiquette lessons into action. For instance, I recently had a professor

The Two Words That Say It All

by Jaclyn McNeil Two simple words that can take you far in life: “Thank you.” Transitioning from college to the workforce seems like a daunting task, one that requires connections, communication and a little bit of humility. In a blog post titled “Why You Will

How to Earn an A+ in Business Etiquette

by Elizabeth Howell, guest blogger Although public relations professionals are not required to pass an academic course on etiquette, knowing how to properly communicate outside of press releases and blog posts is a lesson that is essential. Engaging with clients and co-workers at promotional events

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