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It’s the people, stupid

By Katy Echols There once was a boy named Jim Porter who was journeying from Oklahoma City to Memphis. Upon arriving at the airport, he walked up to a kiosk and scanned his driver’s license to print his ticket. This failed to work. He then

My Phone=My Life

Most of us can’t get through the day without our cell phones. We feel naked and separated from society; we have to consistently be in the know. We constantly use them in the car, walking down the street and working out; we even attempt to

What’s your social media poison?

As college students, we throw around the word “addiction” when we’re referring to our BlackBerrys, iPhones, iPods, Facebook and Twitter pages, YouTube and other media; we’re social media “junkies,” and we fall apart when our crops die on Farmville. But, is social media addiction a

Up-to-date in PR? There’s an App for that (or several)

Apple dominates the Smartphone market today because of its 100,000 plus applications, but other Smartphones are catching up. With all the available apps, why not take advantage of the great resources held in your hand? There are apps available for your Smartphone of choice featuring

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