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Snail Mail or E-mail: Press Kits for the New Media

Posted At: February 17, 2010 1:53 PM by Allison Cook In the past decade, public relations has grown and expanded; the impact of the Internet and e-mail on the industry has grown as well. Now, news circulates 24/7, and journalists need accurate information quickly. Journalists can’t

Dude, Where’s My Website Traffic?

Last May, I took on the job of creating a website for LessThanUThink, a student-run communications campaign combating binge drinking on campus using a $75,000 grant from The Century Council. At the time, I thought I held the key to campaign success; in a digital

What’s your social media poison?

As college students, we throw around the word “addiction” when we’re referring to our BlackBerrys, iPhones, iPods, Facebook and Twitter pages, YouTube and other media; we’re social media “junkies,” and we fall apart when our crops die on Farmville. But, is social media addiction a

Failure to Tweet: The Bieber Effect

Celebs should worry about what they tweet, but what about what they don’t tweet? Are they liable for this as well? We know about the benefits of social media, but has anyone considered what a monster it could be? Justin Bieber’s manager sure has. YouTube

“My Stupid Mouth:” apologies are better in 140 characters or less

We all love a great Perez-Hilton-infused celebrity scandal, and who has drawn more fire recently than John Mayer? Mayer’s extremely relaxed and a little bit too revealing Playboy article sparked controversy across the nation. His “stupid mouth” definitely got him in trouble in the multi-page

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