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The PR Brilliance of “Soy Georgina”

Published on April 5, 2023, at 6:40 p.m.
by Olivia Esquivel.

Georgina Rodriguez may be known as the partner of the most famous soccer player in the world, but her Netflix series “Soy Georgina” has her taking the stage as the star of the show. The program just began streaming its second season following the daily life of Georgina from the red carpet to her family home and everywhere in between.

Photo by @georginagio via Instagram

The now-influencer was thrust into the spotlight when she began dating Cristiano Ronaldo in 2016. As with most celebrity relationships, the public had a lot to say about the pair. Rodriguez was working at a Gucci store as a sales representative when Ronaldo stopped in to do some shopping, and the couple’s fairytale story began. Back then, Rodriguez was relatively unknown, but now she has over 45 million Instagram followers.

She went from being the person who sold handbags to being the customer — and this jump has not always been received well. She has been labeled as a “gold digger” and an “evil woman,” but her show aims to change those perceptions.

“Soy Georgina” is a clever public relations move for both the couple and Rodriguez. As an executive producer of the show, Rodriguez debunks whatever myths critics have created about her private relationship by inviting viewers beyond the facade of social media. Although Ronaldo isn’t featured frequently (as he is often training for soccer matches), the clips we do see of them are loving and down-to-earth. Any naysayers that accuse the couple of being inauthentic are disproven with the

Photo by @georginagio via Instagram

transparent view that audiences are provided in the program.

It isn’t just the couple’s glamorous lifestyle that is featured on the show. A large portion of the series is dedicated to watching their five children grow up. Rodriguez is a self-proclaimed “Supermom.” She makes it clear to viewers that family comes above all else, and this dedication only adds to her charm.

She is also seen giving back to her community in the show. She grew up in the small Spanish town of Jaca, and she visited the area to make donations in Season 1 of the series. She has made numerous contributions to charity, and she also volunteers with impoverished children (as seen in both seasons). In 2021, she received a Starlite Foundation Award for her philanthropic efforts.

In an interview with Marca, Rodriguez discussed some of the backlash that she still receives to this day. She said that “if you Google my name today you read that I’m in a fight with Cristiano’s family, that I have a sister who asks me for money and that something happened with Rosalía,” but she clarified that “that’s not who I am.” In fact, global superstar Rosalía is featured in the latest season of “Soy Georgina” when Rodriguez takes her kids to one of the singer’s concerts. Georgina knows a thing or

Photo by @georginagio via Instagram

two about shutting down rumors, and she does so in such a glamorous way that it doesn’t even seem like an intentional PR move.

Georgina Rodriguez has successfully built a public brand for herself despite negativity surrounding her lifestyle. Through her television show, she embraces the over-the-top extravagance of her tastes and pairs it with a graceful love for others. Whether she knows it or not, she has become her own best publicist.

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