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Tesla: One of the World’s Fastest Growing Brands

Published on May 6, 2022, at 11:14 a.m. 
by Madison Traughber.

Tesla’s innovative brand imageunique PR moves and lack of advertising campaigns are what captivates consumers who are looking for a fresh take on a century-old invention: the automobile. Tesla is an inspiration to all as the company possesses a unique ability to completely rethink how cars are made, promoted and sold over the last 100 years.

Typically people are elated to go select a new car, but most come home severely exhausted from the endless negotiating and paperwork involved in finalizing the purchase. Tesla revolutionized the buying process and the customer experience.

Photo by Karthik Sridasyam on Unsplash

It simplified the process by selling directly to its loyal customers online. With a couple of simple clicks, the vehicle shows up in your driveway in a matter of months. No more frustrating days wasted at the dealership, and no more middle man attempting to teach people the technology of the car.

Tesla directly informs the customer of the technology instead of involving a third party. Software updates are seamlessly completed in the comfort of your own garage, with little to no work on your part. Tesla’s streamlined process allows for increased customer satisfaction and develops a mutually beneficial relationship with its customers.


The company is known for the brand loyalty of its consumers who are devoted to repeatedly purchasing its products. As much as “70.7% of Tesla owners who got rid of a Tesla acquired another new Tesla.”

In addition, 74.7% of Tesla owners showed household loyalty, meaning a customer registered a new vehicle and someone in the same household had already registered one from Tesla. Therefore, two cars from the same brand are registered to the same address.

Photo by Bram Van Oost on Unsplash

Most car companies spend an average of $495 per car on advertising. Tesla spends $0. However, the company “dominates press mentions and social media chatter.”

Instead of advertising, Tesla uses shared media strategies. CEO Elon Musk consistently utilizes Twitter to connect with Tesla’s consumers.

The company dissolved its PR department in 2020. Currently, Elon Musk communicates directly with 83.3 million consumers via Twitter. Unconventional, yet effective. Information is highly credible coming straight from the CEO of the company.

Simple, innovative and powerful encompass the branding of Tesla. It is a tech company that happens to have completely revolutionized cars as we once knew them. At Tesla’s core is consistently utilizing Twitter, a loyal customer base and an unprecedented lack of a PR department.

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