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From “19” to “30”: Adele’s Latest PR Strategy

Published on November 15, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.
by Evvy Lusco.

Many artists tease the release of new music; Adele is no exception. Since her last album in 2015 titled “25,” fans have longed for the singer’s next age-titled record.

Photo by Abhijith Venugopal on Unsplash

With billboards showcasing “30” in cities across the world, speculation arose that this number would be the title of Adele’s newest album. According to an article by Tori Brazier, these billboards were in London, Rome, Dublin, New YorkParis, Berlin and many other cities. Along with billboard promotion, the British singer took to Twitter to confirm the suspicions of her upcoming release.

As Chris Robertson noted in a Sky News article, Adele has been using social media tactics to share teasers of her newest album. She also used these same strategies to create excitement around her single “Easy on Me.” On Oct. 5, Adele posted a tweet to promote the release of this song. With hundreds of thousands of reposts, replies and likes as of late October, it is clear that her use of Twitter struck a chord with fans.

According to Robertson, once Adele changed her profile photo to a turquoise pattern, the hashtag #Adele30 started trending on Twitter. The British singer even went as far as to update her bio to a link where fans could sign up for more information, Robertson noted.

The London-born artist’s implementation of a Twitter-based social media strategy created a buzz that resonated with fans. This approach led supporters to discuss theories about her next album and show off billboards in their respective cities.

Visual by Adele on Twitter.

Adele’s album is set to release Nov. 19, according to a New York Times article by Joe Coscarelli, and judging by the nonstop excitement from fans on Twitter, it has been long-awaited. Since it has been six years since her last record was released, it is obvious she is hoping her fans will go easy on her.

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