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Fenty: The Brand for Everyone

Published on September 13, 2021, at 4:30 p.m.
by Mikaela Weis.

Diversity and inclusion have become increasingly important in all aspects, from the workplace to campaigns. When it comes to brand loyalty, customers want to be able to support brands where they see themselves represented. This inclusivity helps them form stronger bonds with the companies.

While many companies are working toward more diversity, one company has stood out from the crowd since its start.

Rihanna’s brand, Fenty, has gone above and beyond in all of its business ventures to make it inclusive to everyone.

By SIGMA – Vimeo: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, CC BY 3.0

When she launched her makeup line in 2017, her foundation came in a whopping 40 shades, which has now been upped to 50. While this number of shades wasn’t necessarily groundbreaking in the makeup world, the shade range itself and the way she promoted the shades helped solidify her spot as one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2017. While most brands focus on creating darker shades when expanding their range of foundations, Fenty Beauty hit all parts of the spectrum, from incredibly light shades to deep tones. She also made sure to include women of all different ethnicities when she was showcasing this large range of shades.

Rihanna launched a clothing line, Savage X Fenty, the same year. This brand has crossed barriers in size, gender and age. The clothing line mostly contains undergarments and sleepwear.

Savage X Fenty ranges from size XS to 3X, in both its men’s and women’s clothing. Being size-inclusive for both genders caused even more buzz for her brand. While many brands have made strides to make women’s clothing more size-inclusive, it is still rare to see for men.

We can see Rihanna’s belief in creating products for everyone consistently modeled in her fashion shows. Her latest fashion show featured a range in size, gender, race and age. She even had a few of RuPaul’s drag stars walk the runway in her lingerie. Demi Moore, age 57, also modeled alongside many younger celebrities, breaking many age barriers that are often seen in fashion shows.

Customers continue to flock to Rihanna’s brands because they can see themselves in them, literally. No matter your age, race, gender or size, you can find someone who looks like you in Rihanna’s clothes or makeup.

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