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Kay Social Marketing: Always Do Good Business

Published on April 22, 2021 at 2:19 p.m. 
by Caroline Robinson.

What do A Rebel in Prada, 11 Street Media, Loren Elizabeth Designs and Perfectly Portioned Nutrition all have in common? They are among many other Kay Social clients. Less than a year old, Kay Social, a fully integrated marketing agency, is already a booming business.

Kay Social prides itself on providing marketing, public relations and event planning services for each of its clients.

Perfectly Portioned Nutrition, one of Kay Social’s unique clients, is a food service company that provides pre-made meals for people “who don’t have the time or desire to cook, fun for those who want to learn, and freedom from diets through individual nutrition counseling.” Kay Social works to provide full-service marketing for Perfectly Portioned Nutrition, along with other clients.

Photo provided by Kimberly Evans

Kay Social’s success can be credited to the brains behind the operations, Lacee Watkins. Watkins, an alumna from The University of Alabama, is also the founder and president of Kay Social and says she has an “extensive background working with world-renowned publishing houses and boutique agencies in executing marketing strategy for top fashion, food and beverage and hotel clientele.”

Watkins began at Modern Luxury, “the premier luxury publisher of the United States,” located in Atlanta, Georgia. During her time at Modern Luxury, she quickly discovered her passion for public relations work. She soon began working at a local public relations agency in Georgia.

“I like to do good business,” Watkins said. “Often in my career, I have worked with different leaders and mentors to help me do so.” Shortly into her time as a public relations practitioner, she began to do freelance work independently.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted many people’s lives and careers, but not Watkins’. She used it as an opportunity to start her own agency, and so began Kay Social.

As the founder and president, Watkins wears many different hats for Kay Social, and she said that each day looks different. She explained, “Some days I am capturing original content as the photographer, then the next I may be having lunch with an influencer; sometimes I am just in my yoga pants at the office just cranking out graphics.”

However, Watkins made it clear that one thing never changes — her relationship with her clients. She hosts bi-weekly meetings with each client and is an effective communicator about what work she is doing.

According to InCorp, “by associating yourself internally and establishing strong communication lines, you ensure the consistency of the externally delivered message.” In all businesses — especially in the communications industry — it is essential to be there for your clients’ needs and effectively communicate with them to gain their trust.

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Rachel Faucett, Kay Social’s collegiate social media and design intern, said, “I think it can be easy to lean toward doing things in your style and voice, but you are actually trying to best represent someone else. You need to be aware of who each client’s audience is and how they want to be perceived.” It is essential to get to know your clients, not only in a business setting but also personally, so you can adhere to their goals while applying best public relations practices.

Watkins keeps her clients at the center of Kay Social’s goals and mission. As a young woman in the industry, she said that she “loves collaborating with other women on new opportunities.”

Faucett also feels that client work is the most critical aspect of Kay Social. As a graphic design major, she said that she “loves working with completely different themes for different client’s social media.” Even though Faucett does not work directly with clients, she has the exceptional opportunity to work behind the scenes as a graphic designer, adhering to each client’s vision.

While women dominate the public relations industry by nearly 75%, they occupy less than 20% of the senior leadership positions. Watkins has gone against the grain by creating her own, growing boutique agency.

Watkins emphasized that “working for yourself is very challenging and owning a business is a whole different story”; however, she continues to stay motivated and inspired through meeting her clients’ needs. It helps that she is never short on projects, as she does full-service marketing for at least six clients at all times.

Kay Social was born during a time when business was not booming, yet it continues to grow. That determination and grit can all be credited to Watkins, who chose to see the pandemic as an opportunity to pursue her dreams and “always do good business.” The agency is actively looking for new talent to join in on the success. For more information, email [email protected].

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