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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! PR, PR, PR!

Published on April 21, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. 
by Taylor Tobin.

Attention Stars Hollow! As we all know, the famous mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are known for drowning in gallons of coffee daily, but that is not all they do. In the midst of their normal lives — which include the craving to shop, urge for more coffee, need for pizza, and endless laughter and jokes — the Gilmore girls have used basic tactics that can be valuable tools for all PR professionals.

Staying up to date
In Stars Hollow, Miss Patty is recognized for her talent of quickly spreading all the latest news throughout the town. Not one event or piece of information can survive minutes before all of Stars Hollow has heard the latest gossip. The reliable flow of information allows all of Stars Hollow to stay up to date with what is going on in the world, which is a valuable tip for all PR professionals.

Photo by jaimelondonboy from Creative Commons

When watching Gilmore Girls, you will notice the variety of cultural differences in what was popular at the time. For viewers of the show now, it can be a fun reminder of life in the early 2000s, but it also demonstrates how up to date the two Gilmore girls tended to be. With their many pop culture references and coffee chats discussing the latest gossip in town, the Gilmore girls were proven to never be behind the times with the latest news.

As PR professionals, it is of utmost importance to current with the latest trends, gossip and news. We need to know what is going on in the world at all times in order to be successful with blog posts, social media updates and so much more.

Read! Read! Read!
Rory Gilmore once said, “I live in two worlds. One is a world of books.” Gilmore never left her home without a book in her hand or book bag. In the show’s early seasons, viewers often found Gilmore sitting on a bench or in the corner of the room with her nose in a book. By the end of the show, Gilmore had read 339 books. Not only was she often found reading, but also in most conversations she discovered a way to include a quote or reference from one of her many favorite authors, including Jane Austen and Eudora Welty.

Understanding how to convey a message and relate to an audience appropriately is highly important to us PR professionals. We do quite a bit of writing, and by reading other writers’ work, pros can gain a better understanding of their own writing skills. As PR professionals, we must understand how to empathize with an audience, which relates back to the theory of mind. Reading fictional books helps one to imagine what others are feeling and thinking, which is beneficial for PR professionals.

Photo by Yoshiko Evanka on Unsplash

Know your audience
Richard and Emily Gilmore, parents to Lorelai Gilmore, become main characters in the show. The elder Gilmores live in a town approximately 30 minutes from Stars Hollow, Connecticut, called Hartford. This town is known as a rich urban area where there are high-class events, prep schools, which Rory Gilmore attends, and more.

The 30-minute drive requires the Gilmore girls to change their way of thinking about their social class and to adjust their use of slang and presence when going to their family members’ home. The two social groups have very different interests in hobbies, music and overall lifestyles, which would prove quite difficult when managing conversations at Friday night dinners. With the occasional Bangles references that Richard and Emily Gilmore did not quite understand, the younger Gilmore girls learned to tailor their topics to the specific audience.

A wise and critical tip for PR professionals is to craft audience-specific messages that tap into their wants, concerns and needs. You might have a great message to give your audience, but often the message will not be successful unless it is for the right people.

BONUS TIP: Everything in life is coffee
My favorite tip from the Gilmore girls is the importance of coffee in one’s life. If you know the Gilmore girls, you know they can’t last an hour without a fresh cup of coffee. Their daily dosage helps them to get through their days of both school and work. With their stomachs full of fresh coffee, the Gilmore girls constantly stay busy throughout the day and do great things. Everyone can use a little boost from time to time, and in the wise words of Lorelai Gilmore, I need coffee, coffee, coffee!

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