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The Effect of TV Shows on Fashion Trends

Published on March 30, 2021, at 7:25 p.m.  
by Mikaela Weis.

We all have our favorite TV shows. But just how much influence do these shows have over us? We may follow our favorite actors and actresses from them or keep up with when the next season will be released, but what about dressing like our favorite characters? Recently, many TV shows have sparked fashion inspiration, which has helped build even better relationships with the fans of the shows.

Photo by Anelale Nájera on Unsplash

With a lot of popular TV shows on the rise recently, there has been a direct connection between the fashion styles in the shows and an uptick in sales of similar clothing. Many consumers of the shows get inspired by their favorite characters and seek out similar clothing. This desire to wear your favorite show’s clothes helps create an even better bond with the characters on screen, which keeps viewers coming back season after season.

Ladies of the Ton
“Bridgerton” has captured a range of age groups, from young teens to middle-aged moms. The show, set in the early 1800s, features fashion from this era, including elegant gowns and corsets. As the show took the media by storm, the fashion industry saw a direct correlation to some of its sales. Corset sales saw an increase, as well as other fashion inspired by the clothes seen on screen. Etsy saw a 91% uptick in sales of corsets in the months following Bridgerton’s release. From muted color palettes to lace gloves to dainty floral prints, Bridgerton’s effect can be seen in many aspects of current fashion trends.

Being able to show off your favorite Bridgerton-inspired outfits helps create more buzz for the next season and keeps consumers excited about the show, even when there isn’t a new season.

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

Stranger Fashion Things
Bridgerton isn’t the only show to have this type of influence on style. “Stranger Things,” another Netflix original that is set in the ’80s, has also caused fashion to shift. The show inspired many people to go back to ’80s fashion trends, from light wash denim to bold patterns. Many brands even jumped on this trend. H&M released a “Stranger Things” summer wear line, Nike put out a line of “Hawkins High School” retro-themed sneakers, and even Louis Vuitton had a “Stranger Things” print on the runway.

While it may not even be a conscious decision, the media we consume can have a great influence over many parts of our lives. From buying clothes that reflect your favorite characters’ on-screen outfits to picking up the same hobbies from the show you are watching, the influence TV holds on your decisions may be greater than you think.

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