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Shining Brands That Give Back

Published on November 19, 2020, at 8:20 p.m.
by Allison Cohen.

Jewelry brands that originate from Bangkok, Thailand, to Atlanta, Georgia, are utilizing philanthropic efforts to elevate their brand identities. By advocating for individuals with disabilities and creating alternative job opportunities for women working in Bangkok’s red-light districts, brands such as Raw & Rebellious and NightLight Collection are creating unity along with jewelry. Adding philanthropic business efforts to brand identity is a powerful tool that can not only drive consumer interaction but can help make a difference in people’s lives in a significant way.

The jewelry industry contains highly diverse brands that include a cluster of artistic displays. Brands in the industry range from modern, low-price streetwear to high-priced, contemporary jewels. Though brands in the jewelry industry may differ in style, they can also be unique in their business models and PR strategies.

Raw & Rebellious has made it a mission to help those with disabilities as well as create modern and trendy designs. Raw & Rebellious is an up-and-coming jewelry company run by Sarah Smyth, an Auburn University alumna with a passion for philanthropy. Raw & Rebellious markets its products with models who have disabilities in its everyday social media posts and website content posts to represent the brand’s support of diversity and inclusivity. Raw & Rebellious use its platforms to speak out about the importance of inclusivity related to those with disabilities to make a difference and connect with consumer groups.

Smyth utilizes these branding strategies as a way to build a strong bond between her brand and the consumers. “I want our customers to feel like they are a part of something bigger when they buy from Raw & Rebellious. My customers are absolutely everything, and I want them to feel like they have a relationship with Raw & Rebellious. I really try to make them feel heard,” said Smyth.

With the vast underrepresentation of people with disabilities in the fashion and jewelry industry, using models of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities is a way to establish a bond with consumers who appreciate diversity and embracement. Creating a meaningful experience with a brand is a valued tool used to build loyalty and brand recognition. While incorporating inclusivity can be a useful aspect of branding, philanthropic business models can integrate many other strategies to build awareness while helping others.

Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash

NightLight Collection is another example of a brand that takes philanthropic efforts seriously and has incorporated purpose-driven work into its business model.”NightLight offers jobs with dignity to women who have left sexual commercial exploitation and sex trafficking. These jobs allow the women to make a decent salary with benefits and support their families while finding time to heal, discover themselves and refuel their passions,” said Annie Dieselberg, CEO and founder of NightLight Collection.

NightLight Collection is unlike other jewelry brands due to the compassion and nonprofit efforts that are embedded into its strategy. By employing survivors as well as giving support to their families, NightLight Collection aims to bring hope into communities and create jewelry that consumers appreciate.

“Our whole business is about others. We are less about the money and more about seeing lives transformed. We are a hybrid between business and nonprofit with the goal of using profits to give jobs of dignity for women to be set free and shine,” said Dieselberg.

Businesses such as Raw & Rebellious and NightLight Collection have turned their passions for helping others into brand identities that stand out from the average jewelry company. Utilizing philanthropy and nonprofit efforts is a way to make consumers feel like they are contributing to a worthy cause when they interact with the brand.

Incorporating philanthropic efforts can be a powerful strategy that stakeholders from multiple demographics can support. Linking a product with a noteworthy cause is a tool that all brands can take into consideration. When it comes to PR strategies, taking a philanthropic approach to branding can turn a regular brand into a diamond in the rough.

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