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Top Project Management Tools for PR Pros

Published on April 25, 2019, at 1:55 p.m.
by Michaela McLean.

Between unending deadlines, client meetings and in-progress campaigns, public relations professionals can struggle with keeping on top of their agencies’ projects. After awhile, 50 colored sticky notes posted on your desktop doesn’t seem to cut it. But good news! Today, PR pros can reduce the complexity of collaborating and planning with powerful online management tools that put their agencies’ strategies into action.

PR practitioners must prioritize usability with strong proofreading capabilities and real-time collaboration when choosing a management tool. Their tools must be efficient in delivering high-performance outcomes for their clients. List-making applications, such as Teamwork, Brandpoint and Trello, help PR pros manage their campaigns and conquer their to-do lists in an organized, timely manner.

1. Teamwork

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From major milestones to the tiniest tasks, Teamwork is a powerful yet user-friendly management tool that is built for agencies of every size. PR professionals hit important deadlines through the software: Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Spaces. Project Summaries gives you the insights you need to analyze your team’s performance.

The Teamwork interface unites the team in a single space to provide feedback, solve issues and make fast decisions. Teamwork Projects includes intuitive features, such as instant messaging, chats, files and notebooks, to collaborate with increased accountability among the agency. According to its website, “Teamwork Projects takes care of the details so you and your team can focus on the big picture.”

2. Brandpoint

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If you’re looking for a tool that specializes in content management, choose Brandpoint. Its services help leverage high-quality content to provide immense value for your audience. Brandpoint promises to “put over 20 years of creative experience in your back pocket.”

To boost social media engagement, this application explores your agency’s historical data to determine where your most engaged prospects come from. Then, Brandpoint customizes written and graphic content that matches your brand personality and reaches your largest, most engaged audience.

Jeff Grover of Best Company stated, “There used to be a lot of juggling between who produces, curates, and eventually posts content such as blogs and press releases.” He added, “Since we started using Brandpoint, the project funnel has become clearer and more organized.”

3. Trello

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Whether you’re planning the month’s schedule or managing an agency’s campaign, Trello provides a straightforward system for organizing and monitoring projects. Users enjoy the satisfaction of checking an item off their to-do list by marking it complete. Clients are able to assign project leads and set deadlines.

The main working unit within Trello is the virtual whiteboard, a feature that categorizes activities of a particular team. Trello’s smallest unit of work is the card, which allows you “to include descriptions, attachments, subtasks, checklists, assignees and labels.”

In summary, PR professionals value effective communication and productive collaboration. Tracking projects, setting deadlines and delegating tasks just got easier with these user-friendly and straightforward tools. In no time, PR pros can become project management gurus.

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