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Profile: Dr. Veronica Clark-Holland

Published on April 17, 2019, at 10:08 p.m.
by Dasia Greer.

Professors are there to guide you, give you practical experience in your desired field, and ultimately equip you with skills you need for the workforce. Veronica Clark-Holland, Ed.D., an adjunct public relations instructor at The University of Alabama, embodies all these qualities and more.

Clark-Holland, a seasoned PR professional with more than 20 years of experience, realizes the importance of students gaining practical experience in the classroom that will prepare them for life post-graduation. She teaches PR Writing and has been at the University since 2016.

Photo via LinkedIn

“I enjoy lending practical approaches and applications to my students,” said Clark-Holland. “I try to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real PR world.”

Clark-Holland received her B.A degree from Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She then obtained her M.A and doctoral degrees from The University of Alabama.

She held the positions of associate VP for public relations and director of public relations at Stillman College. In these positions, she developed and implemented integrated communications, strategic and marketing plans for increased branding and positioning, served as convener/chair of the Convocations and Special Events Committee, and coordinated all major collegewide events while serving as a liaison for off-campus organizations.

Clark-Holland also has served as the director of public relations at Wiley College where she simultaneously served as the chief marketing officer and spokesperson for the college, provided expert vision and leadership on branding and marketing strategies and tactics that enhance all sectors of the college, and established and maintained channels of communication among college councils, committees and general administrative offices of the college, and served as one of the primary policy researchers for the president.

She recently launched an advertising and PR consulting firm, “Holland & Associates,” with her husband this past summer.

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With an extensive background in PR, she has a plethora of knowledge and skills to share with her students.

Omario King, one of Clark-Holland’s current students, is thankful for her constant guidance and leadership.

“Her curriculum is challenging enough to push you, but her delivery is concise enough for students to retain tons of information before leaving her class,” said King. “We are able to apply what we learned in class in the real world.”

Clark-Holland encourages her students to intern to continuously learn skills to enhance their verbal and written communications skills and to develop into well-rounded students adequately prepared for the workforce.

Be sure to take advantage of internship opportunities, paid and unpaid,” said Clark-Holland. “Internships in the nonprofit sector teach you how to efficiently manage resources.”

Clark-Holland attributes her success in the PR field to her passion for the profession.

“PR energizes me. I enjoy doing what I do. When you enjoy doing what you do, you’re good at it,” Clark-Holland said.

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