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The PR Benefits of Binge-Watching

Published on February 20, 2019, at 4:33 p.m.
by Cassidy Anderson.

Photo via Unsplash

There are thousands of different TV shows nowadays, and almost as many ways to watch them. But is it OK to watch them? Is it OK to binge-watch an entire series on Netflix? Is it OK to follow a reality show like it’s your job, or to be able to quote one-liners from shows that went off the air years ago? If you work in the field of public relations, for you, I say yes.

There are PR lessons within TV shows of all kinds, not just ones like “Scandal.”  It all depends on how you look at it.

“The Bachelor”
The Bachelor” is a reality series in which 30 women compete to receive a proposal from the single man by the end of the season. Although the finale features the man — aka the bachelor — choosing one gal he hopes to marry, he spends most of his time trying to sort through the competing offers to find the one for him.

As a PR professional watching this show, you can use it as a reminder there will always be competition for clients in our field. Remember to research your client, develop a strategy suited to their needs, and NEVER forget to proofread in order to secure the “final rose” from your client.

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a comedy that depicts seven members of Brooklyn’s 99th police precinct working to keep their community safe. The main characters attempt to balance their personal relationships with one another, all while taking down criminals who range from drug suppliers to pickpockets.

When watching this show, Captain Raymond Holt and Co. can remind any PR practitioner that teamwork makes the dream work — it yields the best results. If you’re ever stuck when developing a campaign or objective, asking your team for advice can only help.

“Big Brother”
Big Brother” is another reality show in which 14 strangers live in a house together and compete for $500,000. There is at least one silly competition per episode which often test endurance, trivia knowledge and other brain games. They are filmed nonstop for close to 100 days, and any viewer has access to 24/7 live feeds. Anything and everything that the houseguests say or do is recorded and exposed to the public.

A PR professional viewing this show should remember that people are always watching and waiting for just one controversy that could take a business down. Your job is to stay transparent no matter what. “Big Brother” reminds us to always be aware that someone is listening.

Although we may not like to admit how much TV we watch, seeing the PR angle of a show can help alleviate our watcher’s guilt. So next time you make popcorn and binge-watch “Game of Thrones” for hours and hours, try to find the underlying PR lesson. It’s there, I promise.

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