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PR Companies’ New Year Resolutions

Published on January 7, 2019, at 1:01 p.m.
by Savanna Guitard.

The Times Square Ball has dropped and the parties are over. It’s officially the start of a new year. While you personally may have a list of resolutions you want to keep, what about your company?

With the new year come 365 days to make your company better. The beginning of the year is your chance to set the tone for the next year with your employees. Getting everyone together and making a list of goals you want to accomplish this year will boost morale and give your employees something to work toward.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Prioritize face-to-face interactions
How many times a day do you have an in-person conversation with one of your co-workers? How often do you meet your clients face to face? In a technology-driven world, it’s important to spend more time with people and less time on your email or social media.

Real conversations are what foster the most meaningful relationships. Taking time out of your day to talk to your fellow employees, reporters or clients will help build lasting friendships that could be beneficial for many years in the future.

In the office, take a morning and afternoon break to say hi to a co-worker. If you work from home, get coffee or lunch with someone work-related twice a month. If it’s hard to schedule time to meet with your clients, even a simple phone call is still better than strictly online communication.

Create meaningful content
Every day, people are bombarded with content, from social media posts to commercials on the radio or TV. It is a challenge to capture people’s attention … especially since paid media has grown in popularity.

It’s time to prioritize projects that will have the greatest impact for your company and resonate with your audience. Make sure you have a clearly defined audience, and you are producing content that moves people to action.

Maybe your company needs to go back to the basics and refocus attention on projects that align with your company’s values. Or maybe it’s time to push the boundaries, get creative and start working on the projects you keep putting off. Whatever you do, make sure it is done with the intention to hook an audience.

Be vulnerable
In the world where “fake news” is a real concern for many people, it’s important for a company to be honest with its customers and employees. “No comment” is no longer accepted, but lying isn’t either.

Admitting a mistake is better than covering it up. Customers and employees like to be aware of what is going on rather than be blindsided. While people may be upset, they ultimately respect a company for being honest. Audiences want companies to be truthful; it makes them more authentic.

Taking the time to apologize and fix a mistake is easier than recovering a reputation. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from being open with people.

Now that you have a starting point, keep adding to your list with your colleagues until you have at least 10 goals for the year. Make this year the best one yet!

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