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What to Write in Your PR Blog

Published on Sept. 20, 2017, at 10:19 a.m.
by Brie Carter.

Is your blog a dud? Can’t think of anything to write about? When a company, nonprofit or agency has an active blog, it shows true interest in being heard. It’s one of the cheaper forms of communication, since it is published on your own website. All you have to do is have the manpower to run it. Based on your choice in reading this article, it looks like you’re it.

Secondly, you have to have something to write about. It is extremely important to have entertaining and/or interesting content. Think about what you do when you are catching up on the news. If a title didn’t make you stop for a second, then the chances of you reading that article are slim to none. The same goes for blogs.

We all know how real writer’s block is. So, I have compiled a list of ideas for you to use on your new and improved public relations blog.

Use the traditional tips and how-to posts.
It’s been a long-running tradition for blogs to give tips on best practices within (fill in the blank) industry. That goes the same for PR blogs. People want to know what worked for someone else. Therefore, they don’t have to take such a big chance by doing the same practice themselves. Don’t forget to write about the contrary — knowing mistakes is as useful as knowing best practices. Writing about things to avoid can potentially be a better eye-catching topic.

Spotlight your community.
Gain insight from the grocery store clerk. Strike up conversations with people in your community and see where that will take you. I once read an article about a Charleston TSA employee’s interaction with a PR professional, and the blog writer had the epiphany that people are indeed people. These workers have feelings just like you and me, and that’s what we should be thinking about when communicating to others.

Share behind-the-scenes information.
Blogging about information that readers can’t get anywhere else is a big attention-getter. Make it so your readers can only get insider information through your blog. It will get employees engaged by wondering what you will put out there next. Also, external publics will be interested by getting the insider’s perspective.

Let the people talk!
People love to have their opinion be heard. Take a look at social media. Listen to the conversations at work parties. A lot of times, people are more interested in what they have to say than hearing the other person. So, let’s let them speak. Ask questions on social media about a specific topic and what their thoughts are. Create a poll. That is efficient in keeping a lasting readership and can potentially get more participants. Interview a successful professional, and simply post your questions and their answers. Your readers can easily look through the Q&A for what interests them.

Lastly, once you have thought of topics to blog about, be sure to write it down. Having a list of blog ideas can help you when you go through blank stages.

Blogs can be fun. Don’t make them a hassle. If you have the reigns, take advantage of starting and keeping your company’s unique outlet of communication. Isn’t that why you are in PR?


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