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Snaps for Snap Inc.

Published on September 29, 2016, at 12:49 p.m.
By Lynn Brantley

“Wait, let me Snapchat this.”

This has become a common reaction when people are out and about, engaging in activities that they want their fellow Snapchatters to see. The app has become a second-nature, go-to social platform to inform the world about what is going on in our lives.

Photo by Lauren Rothwell
Photo by Lauren Rothwell

Snapchat has made a name for itself the past few years, becoming America’s second most popular social network, with more followers than Twitter and LinkedIn. The well-known face filters, geotags and live stories from across the globe have created a worldwide phenomenon, to a point where people even use Snapchat filters as costumes. Snapchat has also become a source to access the latest news from numerous channels.

But Snapchat won’t be the same. Executives have officially announced its rebranding into Snap Inc. to promote its newest product: Spectacles. This innovative product incorporates sunglasses and the ability to record video snippets from users’ perspectives that can be uploaded to the Snapchat Memories. The product includes wireless connectivity, a charging case and a one-tap feature to begin a 10-second snap.

So why rebrand the entire company?

The rebranding of Snap Inc. gives it the advantage of breaking the consumer’s perception that it’s just a social app. Snap Inc.’s new operation is described by CSO Imran Khan as a camera company with the opportunity to reinvent the camera and how consumers can communicate with it. Executives also mentioned how changing the name allows expanded search results including the Spectacles product and Snapchat application rather than just company information.

The Snap Inc. website has already been updated with the news of its rebranding and new product. The Snapchat white ghost still identifies with the camera application, while the camera lens associates with Spectacles.

The rebrand won’t change much for the company, though. Since many people refer to Snapchat as “Snap” anyways, users will still refer to the app to share life’s moments and potentially invest in the novel Spectacles. The only change is the introduction of a new product, and while promoting the new product, Snap Inc. can develop its new name.

Snap Inc.’s rebrand was perfectly timed. As one of the leading social applications with 100 million daily users, its efforts have given the company the opportunity to be more than just the photo and video application.

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