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Perrier’s Successful Track Record

Posted January 19, 2015, 8:55 p.m.
by Michelle Sue Agee.

Perrier, the French sparkling water with an outstanding, recognizable shape and label, has a great brand track record. Perrier has always celebrated art; it is a fashionable choice. According to the Perrier website, Perrier is “always cutting edge, the brand aims to project a bold, offbeat image, while keeping its elegance as its hallmark.”

In 2006, Bob Davino, vice president for marketing at Perrier’s parent company, Nestlé Waters North America, said, “We want our younger target who [don’t] have much of a history with the brand to discover it on their terms.” At the time of this campaign, Perrier positioned itself so consumers could take ownership of the brand. Perrier has continued to move forward in this vision.

Perrier now blogs as a source of nightlife and culture for 15 cities in 11 countries. Perrier’s social media revolves around its website, Societe Perrier; its Instagram represents only USA content. Prior YouTube campaigns may be stepping stones for Perrier to be a credible culture news site. These content-driven campaigns were also some of the first in content-based advertising trends

Perrier via
Perrier via

Stepping stones
Perrier sought a rebrand from Mirror agency, who launched Societe Perrier in 2011. “The Perrier target consumer is young, edgy, highly digital, and loves to socialize,” said Gauthier Gay, a group marketing manager for Perrier. “And with digital and social playing an increasing role in these consumers’ lives, we’re maximizing these assets . . . to enhance the experience.”

Perrier debuted a YouTube series called Le Club, and the story line became hotter as the number of viewers increased. Two years later, Perrier invited viewers to experience Perrier at its “Secret Place,” an incredibly interactive and immersive online game. These two campaigns show Perrier knows about the cool places before we do.

Societe Perrier
Societe Perrier embraces and utilizes social media properly, directing traffic back to the blog. Perrier knows it must be credible to be a source for culture and often exhibits its sponsorships stylishly

Societe Perrier covers art, fashion, music, nightlife, cocktail culture, travel, hotspots and mixology. The brand’s blog embraces and exposes its global reach.

Societe Perrier is present on Soundcloud to feature artists, mostly DJs, it has interviewed or maybe “uncovered”; its tumblr reblogs edgy content and anything else that fits the Perrier brand as well as its own links and soundcloud audio; its Twitter takes readers directly to the website as well as provide Twitter central lists of who to follow; it uses Instagram to visually show the updated content with a detailed caption (note: all the Instagram links published on its website are broken); like many brands, Perrier is on Google+, but it has less than 10,000 impressions and only 32 followers.

Why Perrier is my favorite brand on social media:
Perrier is more than a French sparkling water. It is a luxury good; it is hip and authentic. Societe Perrier claims its stake in global culture and nightlife. Societe Perrier connects fellow drinkers. It may be the only brand AND product that is flexible enough to continually manage its image globally.

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