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A New KIND of Bar

Posted: October 28, 2014, 8:10 p.m.
by Katie Lansford.

With the recent trends in America shifting toward healthier eating
many food brands reach out to consumers to try to provide the healthiest option with the best taste.

But one brand has been Kind-er (and smarter) than the rest.

Kind Healthy Snacks began in 2004 with eight types of whole nut and fruit bars, and now offers a total of 22 bar varieties with an additional product of six “Healthy Grain snackable clusters.”

According to Kind’s website, its “brand philosophy” aims to be both healthy and tasty. As a self-confessed nutrition label nut, I can say that Kind exceeds expectations for all other health bars. Compared to other products in its category,  it is honest in its claim to be healthy.

For example, you can compare Kind’s Cranberry Almond + Antidioxants Snack Bar to its competitor Bear Naked’s Almond Cranberry Bar. The Kind bar has a total of 13 ingredients while the Bear Naked bar has 21.

Kind not only practices what it preaches in its products, but also remains consistent in its efforts to be socially conscious. Earlier this year, Kind launched a new product campaign with the 2014 NBA MVP, Kevin Durant. Its new product line, Strong & Kind, aims to do two things: encourage men to try the product by introducing spicier flavors, and promote a social good — to be “Strong & Kind.”

Kevin Durant is the face of Strong & Kind.
Kevin Durant is the face of Strong & Kind.

The new product line includes five new flavors: Hickory Smoked, Thai Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard, Roasted Jalapeño and Honey Smoked BBQ. Each bar is made from only five ingredients and boasts 10 grams of protein. In addition to the new products, the campaign aims to get one million consumers to make a pledge to be Strong & Kind. Both Kind and Kevin Durant encourage individuals to sign the pledge online or to pledge by connecting their Facebook or Twitter account.

By strategically selecting a celebrity endorsement, Kind has put itself steps ahead of other companies.

In a recent interview, Katie Naholm, senior brand manager for Kind, said that Kind doesn’t “want to become a celebrity laden brand” but feels that Durant was a good choice for Strong & Kind. Durant has a charity for at-risk youth and the reputation of being a good role model.

This combination of new products, social good, social media and celebrity endorsement is a smart choice by the brand, because it will help consumers remember the campaign as a whole while staying connected.

If Kind remains on this path, its consumers will not only continue to obtain and promote strong eating habits, but also be kind to their bodies and those around them.

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