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Evolving Entertainment: Edelman’s Entertainment Study

Posted At: September 17, 2013 10:50 a.m.
by Jacquie McMahon

While you’re binge-watching television shows on Netflix, research companies are toiling away to analyze the prevalence of entertainment in your life. Who knew your lazy afternoon in bed could turn into science?

Edelman and MATTER’s seventh annual Global Entertainment Study examined eight key markets for trends in entertainment consumption and sharing. Edelman co-commissioned the study to discover how technological innovation affects public relations firms’ approaches to entertainment.

Though I couldn’t find the technical term “binge-watching” anywhere in the report, this recent trend is a result of the desire for an immersive entertainment experience. The study proved what some of us knew to be true: People want entertainment that is both immersive and interactive. In fact, the report suggested that 88 percent of people watch more than one episode of a TV show in one sitting.

Meanwhile, the interactivity of second screens continues to grow in popularity. The study results showed that 96 percent of people globally have taken part in second screen activity, or using another device while watching TV. This enhances the feeling of global connectivity, which brands can capitalize on. Edelman suggests companies use visual entertainment to “connect with consumers around the world on a deeper level.”

During my internship with Edelman’s Atlanta office, I participated in brainstorms where we discussed how brands could leverage this connectivity. Resources like the entertainment study influenced our client projects, such as working with media outlets to publish thought leadership pieces from a media and entertainment expert representing a consulting firm. Armed with the knowledge of the entertainment industry, we could position this client for appearances in top tier publications.

All public relations professionals should pay attention to the changing landscape of entertainment as consumption turns away from traditional cable TV to more mobile and flexible technology. Organizations that incorporate second screen, like when a promoted hashtag appears on the screen during a TV show, appear to be in touch with their audiences and find more success. The study proves that people are already likely to share their entertainment experiences, so providing the hashtag just makes it easier and more interactive.

The results of Edelman’s study reveal entertainment is evolving to encourage a global community of sharing and socializing online. Next time you’re curled up with your laptop for hours on end, take a break between episodes and learn more about global entertainment trends by reading the full study here.

Key highlights from the study (quoted directly from the Edelman website):

  • People are as likely to socialize about their entertainment as they are about their personal lives.
  • People are five times more likely to share positive entertainment experiences than negative ones.
  • Television is still the device of choice for entertainment, but laptops and mobile are gaining ground.
  • Preferred content type varies considerably by country.
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