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Appreciate PR

Posted At: March 18, 2013 8:32 P.M.
by Grayson Martin

The value of hiring a PR professional or firm is often underestimated. Some large companies see the investment as a waste of money, and others poke fun at those in the communication field for having a degree in something they view as non-essential or not very challenging. Oftentimes, the individuals who undervalue the worth of a successful PR firm are the ones who end up needing one the most.

I recently came across a satirical video produced by The Onion. The video features a company’s human resources department being sarcastically blown away by the résumé of a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. The video continues with more sarcasm, stating how the company wants to snatch up this promising student before another company does and praises the student for his proficiency in Microsoft Word.

I don’t think it wise for The Onion to belittle the skills of those within the communications field after the recent PR disaster  following this year’s Oscars. The Onion could have learned a thing or two from a seasoned PR pro.

Another instance of the PR field getting a bad rap was when the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, offered some advice to start-up businesses. One piece of advice he had to offer was to “never hire a PR firm.”

Cuban has been known for his loudmouth antics. He is always seen jawing at NBA referees, which is usually followed by hefty fines from the NBA. Cuban believes that everything that a PR firm does, can be performed by the individual, if not better. I would like to wish Cuban the best of luck as he navigates his current legal battles over insider trading. Hopefully he alone can protect his own image using his expertise of the communication field.

It is difficult for a company to make the decision to invest money in a PR firm during sparse economic times. Usually, the PR department is the first to be cut during these times. It is important to realize that a PR firm is a sound investment with an excellent ROI.

In some instances, PR can be more affordable than advertising. Businesses also need a third party to be able to step in and look at situations from an objective point-of-view. These two perks and more are outlined in this article on PR value by Business Insider.

Don’t be left without proper representation during times when your public image is vulnerable. It might be a tough decision to make, but you will soon be thanking yourself for hiring a top-notch PR firm. You may need that firm to make sure your business’ image remains squeaky clean. Like the old saying goes, “Everyone makes fun of a redneck until their truck breaks down.”

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