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PR Girl Takes over the World

Posted: January 4, 2013 at 12:10 P.M.
by Anna Moultrie, Contributing Writer

One follower at a time, Aliza Licht has taken the Twitter world by storm. Licht is DKNY’s senior vice president, who revealed herself in September 2011 as the face behind the Twitter sensation DKNY PR Girl. She is now one of the top powerhouses in fashion public relations with a Twitter fan base that reaches well over 400,000 followers. Some say her fiery red locks with the personality to match are what immediately set her apart from the other “PR girls” in the social media scene. She has literally made a face for herself by branding the infamously fashion-forward, redheaded avatar sketched by Dallas Shaw. Licht uses Twitter as a way to let her followers become a part of her world, which is a chaotic adventure that everyone loves to tune in to.

Recognized by the Fashion 2.0 Awards for Best Twitter and Best Blog by a Fashion Brand, Licht brands her company with every 140-character tweet she sends out.

Social media adds fuel to the fire within the PR industry. More companies are turning to social media to boost their clientele, expand their brand and form relationships with their readers. Licht creates a connection with each of her followers. She has formed a bond with her target audience by creating an individual connection with each person.

Licht explains in an interview with, “The friends you make on Twitter are real relationships, I still remember when I had 230 followers. There are some followers from those numbers that I still speak to on a regular basis. It’s very personal. It’s become part of my stream of consciousness.”

Pairing fashion PR with any form of social media is genius. With an extremely fast-paced industry like fashion, it is almost necessary to have a form of media that can stream constantly. Twitter, now connected with Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, makes it easier to share posts with all outlets at once with the click of a button. stated, “There’s one industry in particular that’s a natural fit for social media: Fashion. What you wear is inherently meant to be shared, as it’s first and foremost a representation of yourself — one that many like to broadcast out for all their friends to see.”

Regardless of what Licht expresses on her continuously moving Twitter stream, her passion for fashion shines through to her connections in the cyber community. She uses Twitter not only to speak about DKNY, but she also focuses on pulling her audience in by tweeting about all spectrum’s of the fashion world.

Licht has not only integrated her voice within the Twitter world, but she has also taken on numerous social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. These sites are a personal, free and engaging form of advertisement used by a majority of our world. She covers the whole spectrum of the World Wide Web, not skipping a single beat by using every media tool available. Social media helps her share her message with the world while adding value to the company’s brand name. Twitter lets people like Licht voice their opinions from a professional point of view, while also giving consumers a way to express themselves to the brands.

When it comes down to it, these media sites are one big marketing tool for everyone who wants to join the technology craze. The world of interactive websites continues to grow at a rapid pace and shows no sign of slowing down.

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