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Good Morning, Mr. CEO

Posted At: November 6, 2013 2:12 p.m. by Benjamin Ladrillono When applying for jobs, you need to stand out. Yes, an impressive résumé will truly boost you up in the application stack. Yes, knowing an account executive in the agency will get your name on

Vaccines for Genericide

Vaccines for Genericide

by Justin Lindsey If you’re in the same boat I’m in, then you’re nitpicking your portfolio/résumé in search of errors and phrases that might mark you as a fool to your potential employers. Undoubtedly, you’re grooming for graduation and setting yourself up for a killer

Help Wanted: “Seeking Social Media Specialist”

Help Wanted: “Seeking Social Media Specialist”

by Sarah Shea As a college senior facing the “real world” come December 17, I have been avidly reading job postings over the past few months. On my search, one thing has consistently stood out—the significance of social media. Social media standing in the foreground

Networking: The Power of Face-to-Face Communication

By Libby Page With the start of a new year, many PR students and professionals are seeking job opportunities. This is a daunting task for most people. From sorting through job applications to assembling the perfect portfolio, the experience is overwhelming. When I began my

Social Media: The New Polling Machine?

Have you ever logged on to Facebook or Twitter and noticed a common theme among statuses or tweets? Within minutes you probably found yourself exploring what all the buzz was about. By the end of the day, you probably commented on the trending topic yourself.

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