Jessie James Decker Flips the PR World Upside Down

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Published on February 5, 2018, at 4:44 p.m.
by Stephanie Zielinski.

Jessie James Decker began her singing career in 2009. She took the world by storm with her reality TV show, “Eric & Jessie: Game On.” She welcomed viewers into her home and her heart. She showed fans what it was like to plan her wedding, to go into labor with her first child, Vivi, and what it takes to be Jessie James Decker. In many episodes, her house is a mess, her dogs are barking, and she isn’t wearing makeup — she is relatable and down-to-earth. It’s no wonder why she has developed such a rapport with her fan base.

Photo by Stephanie Zielinski

The relevant part
Decker recently came out with a new song, “Flip My Hair.”  For over three weeks straight, she has beaten out every other country music video on iTunes’ charts.

Why this is important
Decker is entering her third trimester in this video. She is continuing her open relationship with fans and proving that pregnancy is not slowing her down.

The cool part
On Instagram, Decker wrote,
“I knew I wanted to make a music video for this song as soon as I wrote it. When the question of ‘when’ I wanted to shoot it came about, I thought to myself do I wait after I have the baby and get my body in perfect shape like I’m supposed to? Or do I just embrace where I am at my life, pregnant with my third baby? The answer came easily after sleeping on it. I said ‘we are shooting amusic video even though I am six months pregnant and we will rock this [s__].’”

Photo from Google Images

It gets better — all the background dancers in this video are pregnant, too. In the song, she discusses music as “a boys club” and explains her career successes and unwillingness to accept this attitude. I believe she proved just that by filming while pregnant and by being such a success.

Continuing to promote her family lifestyle, Decker gives her daughter a couple of cameos in the last 30 seconds.

Why this matters to PR practitioners
Decker has communicated every part of her life to her fans with complete authenticity. She has shown the world eachstep of her career and let them into her relationships with husband Eric, her children and her family.

Photo from Google Images


Public relations is oftentimes seen as spinning and other manipulations of perception. However, Decker is flipping (pun intended) our world upside down by proving that authenticity is an undeniably effective PR strategy. She has a cult following and is an inspiration to people everywhere.

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